Virtual Reality

Twin Sister creates experiences for all the Virtual Reality platforms available, from the conceptualisation of the environment to the production and optimisation of the content. Each platform has its own advantages depending on your goal.

High-end headsets (Oculus, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR)


The best and most immersive experience when it comes to Virtual Reality. Those platforms will ensure your audience interacts with your brand in the best and most memorable conditions. Ideal for conferences and pop-up experiences.

Accessible headsets (Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream)


Those medium range headsets work with compatible phones and are ideal for larger scale distribution on events or in stores. They bring the best of Virtual Reality while being easier to transport and set up. 

Wide audience headsets (Google Cardboard)


These nifty little cardboard sets are easy to make and distribute on a large scale. They are a great way to introduce your audience to Virtual Reality and make a lasting impact that people can share on.  Ideal for educative applications or viral brand experiences.

Customised cardboard printed headset


Twin Sister has designed our very own Google Cardboard compatible headset. The sets can be printed on and distributed as promotional material or for educative purposes. Have a look at the design here.